Operational Technology
The Great IT Convergence

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Six different industries; Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Healthcare and Transportation are highlighted in this report and their different OT needs.


Read about how drones, AI, quantum computing industrial IoT are some of the emerging OT security trends you should be expecting to see post pandemic.


Discover how best to secure your specific industry in order to mitigate the risk of a cyber attack. Kudelski Security is a leading provider of cybersecurity services to the OT sector.

Critical infrastructure is vital to the functioning of modern societies and economies. When it breaks down or is destroyed, the consequences can be devastating and far-reaching.

Despite this fact, critical infrastructure systems often aren’t afforded a degree of protection commensurate with their importance, and as a result, remain vulnerable to damage from natural disasters, physical incidents, and cyberattacks.

Our research is designed to help all parties responsible for the security and integrity of OT systems develop more effective strategies to prevent and mitigate attacks.

Read the report and discover how to better protect your infrastructure against malicious attacks. 

Topics covered include:

  • Industry Focus
  • Discovered Vulnerabilities 
  • Devices Commonly Targeted
  • Emerging OT Security Trends
  • Regulation
  • OT Cybersecurity Recommendations
  • And much more...

Download the OT ebook