Ransomware Response Playbook – Kudelski Security’s Comprehensive Approach to Incident Response.

Over the past year, security companies have witnessed the massive impact that ransomware attacks like SolarWinds and Kaseya have had on businesses. As businesses play catch up to the tactics used by hackers to deploy malware, even more sophisticated approaches are unleashed.

As you prepare for 2023, ensure that when the inevitable breach happens, threats are rapidly contained and any impact on your organization is minimized. 

Download the Ransomware Response Playbook - our comprehensive seven-step approach to incident response to ensure your company is prepared before, during and after a breach.

Step 1: Preparation
Step 2: Detection
Step 3: Analysis
Step 4: Containment
Step 5: Eradication
Step 6: Recovery
Step 7: Post-Incident Activity,

Be prepared and download the Ransomware Response Playbook today.


Download our Ransomware Response Playbook



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