OT Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Industry

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For healthcare organizations, any incident that disrupts clinical operations has the potential to cause significant morbidity and even loss of life within the organization's patient population.

This makes the industry a potential target for nation-state actors seeking to cause collateral damage and harm regional economies or national security. However, the majority of attacks currently targeting healthcare organizations are financially motivated. Electronic health records (EHR) can sell on the black market for as much as $250 per record, making large-scale data breaches lucrative for criminals. Ransomware attacks have greatly increased in frequency over the last two to three years, since healthcare organizations may be tempted to pay criminals because they’re under intense pressure to restore operations quickly to protect patients’ well-being. There’s also been an increase in the number of attempts to steal clinical trial results or other research-related intellectual property in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, the rate at which Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices and sensors are being deployed in hospitals and major health systems is accelerating. These are interconnected critical care devices, so they cannot be taken offline while in operation. They are rapidly being integrated into complex IT/OT environments that include large numbers of legacy medical devices of various ages. Visibility and asset management are perennial challenges in these environments, as is maintaining adequate network segmentation.

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Topics covered include:

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