OT Cybersecurity in the Energy, Oil & Gas Industry

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The energy, oil, and gas industries are among the primary critical infrastructure targets of nation-state actors and other adversaries with access to advanced tooling and professional-grade talent.

As such, these industries confront severe threats. Even though several recent high-profile breaches have raised stakeholders’ awareness of the seriousness of the risks, it’s not clear whether investments will suffice to increase industry-wide cybersecurity maturity enough to keep pace with current growth in the velocity, variety, and volume of attacks.

Risks of data theft in the energy sector are similar to those in a wide array of other verticals. However, the possibility that physical destruction, injury, or loss of life could result from disruption to oil, gas, and energy ICS and SCADA systems’ operations is much greater than in most other industries.

Read the report and discover how to better protect your infrastructure against malicious attacks. 

Topics covered include:

  • Discovered Vulnerabilities 
  • Devices Commonly Targeted
  • Emerging OT Security Trends
  • Regulation
  • OT Cybersecurity Recommendations
  • And much more...

Download the OT ebook