A Blueprint for Risk and Maturity

The number one priority for the modern CISO is to help their company identify and manage risk. This requires adopting a risk management framework that identifies and manages risk at the enterprise-level as well as the systems-level.

The CISO must also be able to communicate how the security program is maturing over time and how investments in security initiatives are improving organizational capabilities and/or reducing organizational risk.

By leveraging Kudelski Security’s Secure Blueprint SaaS platform and expert advisory services, CISOs can determine current and target security capability maturity and demonstrate how investments in security will impact future capabilities and mitigate enterprise risks.

Kudelski Security has developed a unique tool to help define, monitor, and communicate the CISO’s agenda. Built by CISOs for CISOs, Secure Blueprint is a SaaS platform that leverages best practices for managing cyber risk as defined and implemented by the Kudelski Security strategic consulting practice.

This paper describes how Secure Blueprint utilizes industry frameworks and best practices to help CISOs and their teams measure and communicate program maturity, establish future state goals, link key initiatives, and address enterprise cybersecurity risks.