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Reduce complexity, reduce risk, and maximize your security investments

Partner with a managed security services provider who can adapt to your evolving needs and bridge the security knowledge and resource gap, 24×7.

Kudelski Security MSS reduces the complexity of managing security in a modern workplace. Delivered from our Cyber Fusion Centers, (CFC) services are personalized and based on a deep base-line knowledge of your context. We provide full threat visibility and data protection across endpoint, IT, cloud, and OT/ICS environments – delivering faster threat detection and more rapid response.



Our MSS Benefits

Here's what sets us apart from the other managed security service




Stay Informed Through Our Client Portal

Gain instant access to dashboards and all security activity, through an intuitive client portal.

Eliminate Cybersecurity Blind Spots

Complete threat visibility across all environments: on-premise, cloud, endpoints, and OT/ICS

Extend Your Security Team

We help you protect your assets 24/7 with actionable advice and hands-on support.

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Improve your threat detection and response capabilities with contextual threat
intelligence and predictive security.

Cyber threats and attacker capabilities are rapidly outpacing traditional threat detection technologies. The average breach goes undetected for months, and most organizations do not discover breaches on their own. In order to properly protect and defend their environments, security leaders need to overcome the combined challenge of attack surface expansion, threat sophistication, visibility, alert fatigue, and talent gap.

The Kudelski Security Cyber Fusion Center (CFC) is a next-generation SOC which operates 24x7 and is staffed by a team of security experts, threat hunters as well as incident responders. The CFC gathers security data from across your ecosystem (traditional IT, cloud, hybrid, OT/ICS), and automatically fuses it with threat intelligence to generate a rich, contextualized view of the threats that matter most.

Powered by the CFC, our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services provide 24x7 threat detection, hunting, and remediation to protect your data wherever it resides. We can reduce threat detection time from days to minutes and drastically minimize the impact of a breach, at a fraction of the cost of in-house support.


Most cyber attacks exploit known vulnerabilities that could have been mitigated with regular security patches or software updates. Our Managed Vulnerability Scanning Service shifts the burden of scanning and prioritization off your shoulders and onto the Cyber Fusion Center (CFC), allowing you to focus your attention on strategic priorities. Your cybersecurity vulnerability scan provides the information you need to quickly and effectively prioritize mitigation and patching efforts in order to significantly reduce risk. This puts you in firm control of reducing the attack surface and allows you to manage your infrastructure security proactively and efficiently.


Proactive Risk Management and Mitigation

Respond more quickly and effectively to cyber threats with prioritized vulnerability reports and clear remediation guidance from our cyber vulnerability specialists.

Reduce Costs

Shift the operational costs and burden of running a cyber vulnerability scanning program to our cybersecurity experts.

On-Demand Visibility

Access vulnerability scan results, reports, dashboards, and remediation recommendations from the MSS Client Portal on demand.

Guidance and Support

Get 24/7/365 guidance and support from our expert Cyber Fusion Center analysts.

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Security teams struggle to rapidly develop deep knowledge of each device, understand configuration at scale, and ensure best practices are followed for prevention and maintenance. We ease the burden of managing security devices by reducing cost and complexity. Our vendor-certified experts act as an extension to your team and provide support and management throughout the lifecycle of devices, helping to ensure optimal performance and fast remediation of any incident. Devices are managed via our Cyber Fusion Center (CFC), which has expertise across a wide range of security technologies including F5, Cisco, Fortinet, LogRhythm and Palo Alto Networks.


Better Management

Your IT security infrastructure is protected by 24/7/365 expert support.


Hassle-Free Security

We handle configuration management, patch management, and software updates, device health and performance monitoring, and device incident management.

Cost Predictability

Optimize the value of your security device management and stabilize costs.


Improve Resource Allocation

Free up internal staff to focus on critical security and business initiatives.

Dedicated Vendor Support

Get dedicated vendor support management, including Returns Merchandize Authorization (RMA) processes.

Gain Visibility

See security device status and case management in real-time through MSS Client Portal dashboards and monthly reports.


Level up your threat detection and response to grow resilience and reduce risk. Personalization, contextualization, and complete visibility – key to our Managed Detection and Response services – introduce the idea of ultra-relevance.
Relevance means we understand what we’re protecting for you and what we’re protecting you from. It means we understand what known and emerging threats are most likely to target your business. And it means we will respond in the most rapid and effective way – either with you, or on your behalf.



Outsource the burden of day-to-day security monitoring and security technology management to our 24/7 CFC team.


Get rapid, accurate threat detection with use case scenarios and detection methodology tailored to your unique environment and threat model.


To catch a human attacker, you need human expertise - our seasoned threat hunters are skilled at unearthing unknown threats.


Receive prioritized, practical advice on verified incidents and hands-on support to contain the threat and remediate.


When you retain our multi-disciplinary teams of senior-level professionals, you are assured a fast, efficient response that will uncover the source, root cause, and extent of a breach. The threat will be contained quickly, and you will be better prepared for the next incident. Our Incident Response Retainer service gives you access to a 24×7 hotline and a standby incident response team with more than 20 years of experience across forensic investigation and incident management. With a pre-established action plan and a highly coordinated approach, our incident responders move quickly to minimize the impact of any breach on your business.

Greater Assurance

Your organization is prepared to respond effectively to security incidents, so that you can demonstrate to auditors, investors, customers and C-Suite that you are proactive in your defenses.

Subscription-Based Model

Your subscription-based model includes a preparation phase and an emergency response hotline with security experts on standby. The first hours of your investigation are included in the fee.

Stronger In-House Capabilities

Your Incident Response Retainer service includes playbooks and training that develop your capacity to detect, prioritize, and reduce dwell time for most common attack scenarios.

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Fast, secure applications require increasingly powerful and complicated security devices. This increase in complexity has made identifying and resolving potential device incidents more costly, time consuming, and skill intensive. Our Device Support services come with highly trained, vendor-certified experts available around the clock to help you resolve difficult issues. Our deep relationships with partners provide you with vendor management and engineering resources through our comprehensive technical training, fast escalations, and rapid bug fix recommendations. All this means you can trust your devices and shift your focus back to your business.

Maintain Security Readiness

Resolve security device issues faster to reduce downtime and improve the continuity of business.

Greater Resource Efficiency

Free up staff from routine device fixes and security issues to focus on higher priority projects.

Support on Call

 Access our 24/7/365 support hotline to troubleshoot supported security device issues whenever they arise.

Increased Visibility

Gain consistent awareness of ongoing support performance and activity through your MSS Client Portal and monthly reports.


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