Sorry, our Black Hat Debrief sessions and One-on-Ones are full!

Sorry to say that our scheduled debriefs and one-on-ones are full. Kudelski Security believes that a more secure future for our digital world is only possible if we create it together.

Our planned Debrief sessions include:  

  • 23rd IoT Security;Cloud Protection and Orchestration. VP of Research and Development, Andrew Howard, will talk on IoT Security and on Cloud Protection and Orchestration. (Full)
  • 24th Managed Attacker Deception. Head of Global MSS Alton Kizziah will lead a discussion on honeypots versus attacker deception technology. He will be joined by MSS Lead Architect Francisco Donoso who worked on our response to WannaCry.
  • 25th Cryptography. Jean-Philippe Aumasson and Yolan Romailler will preceed their official Black Hat and BSidesLV briefing sessions (Wed. 26th, 2:40 pm and 5:00 pm) with a discussion on cryptography trends of note. 
  • 26th Threat Intel. James Pleger will share a comprehensive approach to threat intel that separates the men from the boys.

If you previously registered, you will get an email with the suite number and instructions on Sunday.