Cloud Migration: A CISO's Perspective                    Panel Discussion on How to Nail the Cloud

What's your cloud journey looking like? 

Cloud Migration_Laptop

Get ideas for an even better approach to cloud migration and management

The journey to the cloud - and ongoing management - is rarely smooth. Challenges on visibility, risk, strategy, and governance as well as complex technical considerations make it a security minefield. 

Download the webcast for practical insights and answers to your hardest questions. Our speakers:

  • Jenner Holden, CISO, Axon
  • Joe Bennett, Kudelski Security Advisory CISO (formerly Hertz CISO)
  • Jason Hicks, Kudelski Group CISO (formerly Ares Management CISO)
  • Chris Squatritto, US Cloud Security  Practice Director, Kudelski Security

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