Threat Navigator: Visualize, Prioritize, Fortify

Threat Navigator enables you to visualize your ATT&CK detection gaps, prioritize their elimination, and systematically strengthen your resilience to the threats that are targeting your organization. 

Our intuitive tool allows you to map the attacker tactics and techniques of the MITRE ATT&CK framework. It offers instant visualization of your coverage against any technique, at any given moment in time.

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What Threat Navigator Can Do for You

Dynamic Threat Detection Visibility, Tailored to your Business

As your threat model changes and your business needs to shift. Threat Navigator updates to ensure that you are always ahead of the curve.


Make informed decisions on minimizing security coverage gaps and improve your security posture - including technology investments - bases on objective facts, instead of a hunch or vendor marketing

Actionable Recommendations

Understand which technique coverage you should prioritize. Threat Navigator shows you the top technique coverage gaps, and actionable recommendations on how to close them.

Security Resiliency Guidance

Not every threat gap exists due to the lack of technical investments. The resilience module will draw conclusions from your incidents and help you take actions that support a proactive stance.