Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Investigation - Module 2

Lausanne, Switzerland
20th February / 20th March / 17 April / 5th June

This one-day advanced training course delivered in English, allows students to deepen their knowledge of Internet information retrieval through methodological tools and advanced research techniques.

Through theory and practical hands-on exercises, participants will learn to conduct effective online investigations and efficiently generate relevant, timely and actionable intelligence by exploiting valuable open sources.
Training sessions can be delivered in French and German at Kudelski Security’s Cyber Academy in Lausanne, Switzerland, on your premises or at any other appropriate location. The curriculum can also be adapted to fit the specific needs of your organization. Our courses have a minimum 7 and maximum 15 participants per session.
You will learn how to:
  • Understand how to protect one's virtual identity during the investigation;
  • Deepen search techniques on Google and discover other research tools;
  • Establish a methodology for research, processing and storage of information;
  • Discover how to investigate in major social networks (including Facebook);
  • Understand the Bitcoins and the Dark web.

A wide range of case studies and practical exercises will be used throughout the training program.

Who should attend?

Collaborators and managers in the following areas:

  • Human resources
  • Legal and audit services
  • Police, investigation, security, fraud and compliance

Course Program

  • How to protect one's anonymity on the web
  • Advanced search technology on Google and other tools
  • Research methodology: Intelligence cycle, data collection and management tools
  • Quality of information sources and methodological biases
  • Investigation of social networks
  • Dark web and Bitcoins
  • Investigation of images: advanced tools
  • Investigation of emails, phone numbers and user names


Must have completed the Open Source Intelligence – The essential to investigate on the web - Module 1



  • 950 CHF for the full day training module