Above the Breach: The Latest Approaches in Incident Response

Incident Response: A Practical Guide to Success

Hackers work around the clock to break into your organization. Their ability to update and evolve their techniques and tactics is staggering. While we’ve come a long way in improving our incident programs, there’s always more we can do to stay ahead of the curve.

Watch this recording to hear from our subject matter experts for key takeaways to level up your incident response program. We’ll cover the tough challenges modern enterprises face today – how to identify the visibility gaps, how to respond faster, and how to respond better – especially without the in-house staff. 

You’ll leave the virtual summit with concrete guidance on how to build a robust plan – for before, during, and after a breach.

We'll cover: 

  • Top gaps and challenges inside SOCs
  • Latest security incidents uncovered & remediation tactics
  • Real-life stories from the trenches
  • Disaster recovery methods
  • Going beyond a Readiness Assessment
  • How to evolve your threat protection capabilities

Your Presenters:





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