Can your MSSP prove that they're actively hunting for threats?

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Organizations looking for a trusted MSSP need to understand how the threat landscape is changing and what leading MSSP are doing to secure client data, reputation and bottom line.  In a climate where attacks are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated,  insight and lessons learned from our guest Forrester will provide valuable and actionable advice. 

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  • You want an overview of key trends in cyber threats and how MSS leaders are responding

  • You are considering working with a MSSP in 2022
  • You are curious to hear from Kudelski Security how its MSS drives value to its clients


Atlon Kizziah VP of Strategy at Kudelski Security


Alton Kizziah 
Chief Strategy Officer, Kudelski Security

Alton leads the Kudelski Security operations team, driving growth of managed security solutions with responsibilities for MSS and global strategy.


Jeff Pollard of Forrester


Jeff Pollard
VP, Principal Analyst, Risk & Security, Forrester

Jeff leads Forrester’s research on the role of the CISO, specializing in topics related to security strategy, budgets, metrics, business cases, and presenting to the board.



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