Black Hat Europe 2018

Join the Intelligent Cybersecurity Discussion with Kudelski Security
3.12.2018 - 6.12.2018
London, England
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Meet Us at Black Hat

Black Hat Europe 2018 is around the corner, and Kudelski Security would like to invite you to connect with us during the event.

Join us for a deep-dive discussion on some of the key Black Hat 2018 themes.

Kudelski Security's VP Technology, JP Aumasson will give a briefing on attacking and defending blockchain while Nathan Hamiel, Director of Research, will be focusing on leveling up your security mindset.

We're also hosting a "Beer and Blockchain" event on Wednesday 5th November, 6-8 pm, at The Stage, Fox @ ExCel right next to the conference rooms. Head of Solution Architecture and Research, Ryan Spanier, will join Nathan and JP and there'll be free drinks until the tab runs dry.

So, join us and join the debate on intelligent cybersecurity. 


Location for Beer and Blockchain


Warehouse K, ExCel Center, 2 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL, UK

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Nathan Hamiel
Director of Research

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JP Aumasson
VP of Technology

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This talk will review some of the most spectacular security failures in blockchain systems, and will help you mitigate your risks. We will notably review some of the most dramatic Ethereum smart contract issues, discuss objectively the case of Iota's custom crypto, describe how we could have stolen $millions worth of tokens (but didn't), and present examples of bugs that we found in popular Bitcoin software utilities. In the second part of the talk, we'll review the different types of wallets and their pros and cons, and we'll discuss the risks and benefits of hardware-based wallets for individuals, organizations, and trading platforms. The speaker has an extensive experience auditing blockchain systems for leading cryptocurrencies, and now helps secure a cryptocurrency exchange platform.
We live in a world of constant change, so why is it the people who obsess about the latest and greatest are often the most resistant to change? If we are going to be successful, it's going to take a significant upgrade to our mindset applying the right mixture of collaboration, innovation, and technology driven by real risk, not the worst-case scenarios we have traditionally prepared for. We can't be the people who work behind the scenes and say "no" to everything. Changing our mindset and approach allows us to adapt along with the pace of business and gives us the right solution for the right situation.
Join VP Technology JP Aumasson, Director of Research Nathan Hamiel, and Head of Solution Architecture and Research, Ryan Spanier, for beer and blockchain. Whatever your questions - however obscure - RSVP now for the best after-hours event of Black Hat 2018.
Join Nathan Hamiel for a breakout session where will discuss adapting security to modern environments is challenging and fraught with pitfalls. Given an increased attack surface and velocity of change, it can seem almost impossible to keep up, much less get ahead. Join us for “Agility in Security,” a discussion on adding agility and innovation to your security programs.

The Venue

Fox@ExCel, London

2 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL, UK